We pride ourselves in ensuring we provide authentic products for our customers. 

All of the products offered & sold by Lux Sneakers UK are guaranteed 100% authentic, and original. All of our products are brand new (unless stated otherwise) & come from:

  • Licensed retail stores
  • Reputable collectors and sellers around the world

Every item is double checked by our experienced team prior to being sent out and arriving in your handsAll the products are new, and come directly from our network of private and professional sellers individually selected due to their experience in the industry.

All products are carefully examined, from labels to seams, and from the box to the soles, to ensure their authenticity. We then compare to authentic templates that we have in stock specifically for the authentication comparison. Finally, we examine proofs of purchase, references, and use ultra-violet light to reveal details only present on authentic pairs.

We strongly condemn the sale of counterfeits and therefore we do not sell nor condone replicas, copies, counterfeits, or any type of A grade/B grade fakes.